Warren Installations (Lancaster, PA) has become a leading installation and service provider of GPS Telematics and vehicle safety systems for vehicle fleets throughout the U.S. and Canada, with an established network of installers now stretching from coast to coast. Warren Installations provides professional, turnkey, complete asset management solution packages, from design through implementation, for all types of vehicle fleets.  In early 2005, Warren Installations (WI) was founded by Robert Warren, who had established a reputation in the transportation industry as an installations project manager.

The technology of GPS and Telematics asset-management systems was advancing rapidly, and Warren saw that many installers were merely installing devices and not providing the increased level of support, follow-up, and systems implementation knowledge that customers needed to properly obtain the maximum benefit from their asset management systems.

“We based our new company on a ‘complete solutions’ customer-service model,” he relates. “As a result, we have become a leader in the industry, installing more than thirty different types of devices. Plus, we have expanded our installation services to support telematics device types beyond the GPS offering. These include On-Board Collision Avoidance Systems, Remote Diagnostics, Driver Behavior Monitoring, Fuel Monitoring Systems, Asset Tracking, Two-Way Communications, Mobile Offices, and a lot more.”

Telematics OEM partners for WI include CyntrX, FleetLocate, Geotab, ISE, IsoTrak, Mobileye, NexTraq, Peoplenet, Qualcomm, SkyBitz, TSO Mobile, Xata, Zone Defense, and others. Customers of WI and clients with whom Warren has worked include Great Dane Trailers, Freightliner, International, Hino, Volvo, Mack, Peterbilt, Kenworth, GM, Ford, Dodge, Chopper Express, Cowan Systems, Beam Bros. Trucking, Matrix Expedited, Papa Johns, Panera Bread, Penske, and more.

“A growing area for us is known as Digital Driver Logs,” Warren says. “The U.S. Government mandated that Electronic On Board Data Recorders (EOBR) be installed in all commercial vehicles over 26,000 pounds in 2012. All fleets will have to comply with the mandate by July 6th, 2015. A digital driver log (DDL) will mean a driver uses an electronic device that is with him in the vehicle to record the time he is or is not driving while with the truck. The rules are still being defined as to what is required by manufacturers and how it will be enforced by law enforcement.”

More than just EOBR, these systems are integrating multiple technologies to help make a safer, happier truck driver. WI assists the different manufacturers in the integration of multiple technologies into  smooth working systems. Some of these marriages include remote diagnostics, collision avoidance systems, driver awareness systems, two way cellular, satellite, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications, and last but certainly not least, fuel saving technologies.

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