Vancouver, British Columbia--Norsat International Inc. (“Norsat” or the “Company”) has announced the launch of the 1.2 m Ku-band all-in-one VSAT Bundle. The VSAT Bundle provides reliable data connectivity for emerging satellite applications in industries such as oil & gas, mining, utilities, and transportation.

VSAT systems are increasingly required to provide data connectivity to remote areas for Internet connectivity and M2M applications including monitoring and surveillance.

The VSAT Bundle was developed to offer system integrators and installers an intuitive, all-in-one VSAT solution. It includes a 1.2m antenna, and offers customers a choice of BUCs, LNBs, mounts and accessories.

The VSAT Bundle’s components have been fully tested to ensure interoperability and carry the Norsat assurance of high quality and reliability. The VSAT bundle is designed so that installers in the field are equipped with all of the required components to avoid issues arising from missing parts or incompatible equipment.

Norsat’s VSAT Bundle also offers enterprises and integrators a high degree of system flexibility through a broad range of configuration options.

“Norsat is focused on providing high quality, innovative communication solutions that meet the expanding requirements for applications such as transportation monitoring, resource sector development, and utilities markets,” states Norsat’s President & CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan. \“With the heightened demand for connectivity, we can expect to see the need for fixed VSAT systems to increase worldwide. The Norsat VSAT Bundle offers reliability, flexibility, and ease of use for our customers.”

The VSAT Bundle includes:

  • 1.2 m Intelsat certified Ku-band Tx/Rx steel dish, feed, and accessories.
  • Choice of Block Upconverters (BUC) ranging from 2 to 6 W.
  • Choice of low noise Block Downconverter (LNB) with stability options from +/- 25 to +/- 250 kHz.
  • Optional universal roof/wall mount or non-penetrating mount.

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