My Virtual Closet to revolutionize in-store and at-home shopping experience for consumers & fashion industry—gives users unparalleled after-purchase experience

Avon, CT, August 27, 2013 – iDevices announced My Virtual Closet at the Broadcom Connecting Everything media event held in San Francisco. iDevices has set up a worldwide consortium for fashion designers to collaborate with iDevices on this Bluetooth app-enabled experience set to revolutionize the fashion industry.

The My Virtual Closet app communicates with the fashion designer’s garments using Bluetooth Smart technology. Through a discreetly placed package with a BLE chip and small coin cell battery within clothing, handbags, and shoes, designers and consumers will be able to interact like never before. 

“My Virtual Closet is an idea that I had several months ago with the uproar in wearable technology,” said CEO of iDevices, Chris Allen. “It’s something I think will not only revolutionize the in-store and at home experience for customers but will add unparalleled value for designers.”

There are two elements to the My Virtual Closet app and wearable technology experience:

1. Point-of-sale: The Virtual Shopping Assistant.
2. At home: My Virtual Closet.

Point-of-Sale: The Virtual Shopping Assistant App Provides Garment Details, Inventory Look-Up, & Recommended Purchases

The Virtual Shopping Assistant app is the first element, which is encountered by consumers in-store. Bluetooth Smart enabled garments positioned throughout the store allow for self-guided shopping, meaning more flexibility for store representatives, higher sales revenues and a flawless store flow.

The Virtual Shopping Assistant Features:

  • Product information: Displays full garment details, including descriptions, images, videos, care instructions, etc.
  • Inventory look-up: Gives sales assistants and shoppers the ability to see in-store inventory and order online directly from the app.
  • In-app recommendations: Increases in-store revenue through cross-sell opportunities.
  • Wish list: Shoppers are able to add items to their personal wish list for future purchase.
  • Social sharing: Shoppers can share in-store pieces on their social networks.
  • At home – My Virtual Closet App organizes wardrobes, builds outfits, shares with friends

The second element of My Virtual Closet takes place when the user is at home with their Bluetooth-enabled garments. The My Virtual Closet App gives users an after-purchase experience never created before. Using the app, users can organize, locate, share and piece together their wardrobe right from the palm of their hand.

My Virtual Closet App Features:

  • Organize your wardrobe: Consumers can view and edit multiple wardrobes (i.e. home, beach house, apartment, and travel).
  • Build outfits: Piece together an outfit based on current weather and coordinating recommendations.
  • After-purchase cross-selling: Designers can recommend correlating pieces available for purchase online or at the nearest store location.
  • Share with friends: Lend and request to borrow wardrobe items with other My Virtual Closet fashionistas.
  • Individual garment data: Track the number of times worn, last location, most recent dry cleaning, total wears, date purchased and number of friends that own that piece.
  • Social community: Share your outfits with your social network.

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