Sunnyvale, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Spirent Communications, the leader in testing wireless networks, devices and services, has announced TDD-LTE support on the Spirent CS8 Mobile Device Tester. Already recognized in the industry for its ability to enable quick configuration and easy execution of test cases, the CS8 is now able to perform data throughput, voice quality, location based services, and mobility testing for chipsets and mobile devices that support TDD-LTE.

As development and deployment of TDD-LTE technology accelerates in several major markets around the world, Spirent recognizes the importance and complexity of implementing support for both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE in devices, as well as for the services these technologies enable. The CS8 Mobile Device Tester is now capable of testing in the key frequency bands for TDD-LTE deployment, in addition to the common FDD-LTE bands. Spirent’s CS8 uniquely provides the ability to emulate MIMO-enabled cells for both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE networks simultaneously within a single instrument. The CS8’s ease of use enables device development teams to quickly configure TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE cells, creating and executing custom test cases that help get their devices to market faster.

“Extensive R&D testing of both TDD and FDD in LTE devices is critical to the successful deployment of LTE in many major markets, and seamless interoperability between these technologies is essential,” said Brock Butler, mobile device testing architect, at Spirent Communications. “Subscriber expectations for quality of voice service, data, mobility and usability of feature-rich LTE-enabled smartphones are driving our industry to new levels of performance testing. Spirent helps R&D engineers with these test challenges by providing the only solution in the industry that integrates the leading live network service experience measurement tools for voice quality and data performance.”

Measuring data throughput performance under real-world scenarios has been one of the most critical test issues in the cellular industry and has grown in importance as additional technologies such as TDD-LTE are deployed. Spirent has integrated its DatumLab solution with the CS8 for data performance measurement of TDD and FDD-LTE devices. Spirent DatumLab is a lab-based evolution of Datum, one of the most widely used measurement tools for quantifying device performance in the live network.

In another industry first, the CS8 also integrates Spirent’s POLQA-certified Nomad HD measurement system to enable voice quality performance analysis, comparing key metrics in both lab and field to ensure a good user experience of HD Voice services in TDD-LTE networks.

With location features becoming standard on almost every smartphone, ensuring real-world performance for both emergency service and location-enabled applications is critical. The CS8 now enables support for TDD-LTE A-GPS Over-The-Air (OTA) testing. A-GPS OTA testing is the only methodology that includes the effects of the antenna to provide a complete validation of GPS performance in mobile devices.

Finally, Spirent recognizes that testing under static conditions alone is not adequate to evaluate the performance of the device under real-world conditions. The CS8 provides developers with a single-instrument solution that easily tests the device under various RF fading and noise conditions, enabling cost-effective testing of real-world performance beyond the basic requirements of compliance test.

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