Hanover, MD – Pharad has introduced a new L-band antenna into its extensive wearable antenna product line. The development of this antenna followed recent increased interest for high performance wearable antennas for new L-band Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultiPoint, and TDMA, and Push-to-Talk applications. The antenna has been specifically designed for wearable applications and operates efficiently over the frequency range of 1350 – 1390 MHz.

“Pharad is always on the forefront of innovative antenna design, having invented and patented today’s wearable antenna technology. Our L-band wearable antenna is another example of the advancements originating from our antenna engineering group,” says Pharad President Austin Farnham. “I think we will see growth in L-band wearable communications as we see more developments and size reductions in L-band transceivers.”

Pharad's newest wearable antenna is being sold under Model number BW-1350-1390. For more information, visit: The narrow L-band antenna features increased performance and high gain. Pharad is the leading supplier and manufacturer of wearable antennas in the world.

Features include:

  • 1.35—1.39 GHz wearable antenna.
  • Wearable with waterproof cover.
  • Thin and lightweight.