New York is fast becoming a major center for new technology fuelled by an increase of more than 30% in venture capital since 2007 prompting the emergence the natural outgrowth of Hackerspaces. Increasing interest in North America for their easyRadio Advanced range of RF Wireless Modules, prompted LPRS to go to the USA to rub shoulders with designers, engineers and hackers and demonstrate the growing range of easyRadio wireless modules.

During the visit LPRS offered a preview of their new SoC wireless module eRIC, the new easyRadio Integrated Controller scheduled for launch at the UK Fortronics Wireless seminar on June 26th.

Watch the eRIC movie here

eRIC is a highly versatile “system on chip” surface mount RF transceiver. Performance, rapid development time and ease of use remain key features; however eRIC also meets the demand for low power consumption, small package size and affordability. eRIC is the perfect choice for high volume/cost sensitive wireless applications. 

A preview of eRIC took place following a robotics workshop at a Hack Space event at the NYC Resistor in Brooklyn. The event run by Rick Winscot, Quilix, featured an interactive robot controlled using easyRadio Advanced (eRA) technology wireless modules. The students, developers and engineers attending, including an LPRS volunteer, each made a robot from scratch using a kit of parts. The radio provided was ERA900TRS (easyRadio Advanced transceiver) and ERA-CONNECT2-PI (easyRadio USB dongle designed by Rick). This enabled students to connect wirelessly to their laptops and program the robot to interact.

With a rapidly growing community of engineers attending hack space events, venues such as NYC Resistor are becoming widespread all over the world and many have exceptional levels of equipment and the latest technology available to their members. The NYCR even has a vending machine which is able to vend not only “candy bars” and “sodas” but also components and Raspberry Pi mini computers.

The New York Resistor is a well-established resource used by many clever engineers, students and innovators. LPRS brought their easyRadio robot “ARCHI”, (Advanced Robot Capable of Human Interaction) back to the UK where he made his debut appearance at the Fortronics Forum UK in June 2013.

Robotics class leader Rick Winscot of Quilix, Pennsylvania is no stranger to RF design and has provided extensive research on the many wireless technologies offered in today’s market. Several of his YouTube and other media product reviews and comparisons have featured easyRadio where he has been quick to point out just how easy the easyRadio range of products really are! Rick is already in possession of eRIC and will be providing a “warts and all” review based his technical and commercial findings.

LPRS used the American experience to visit potential new customers and re-sellers and proved that easyRadio Advanced has reached the design desks of not only the larger organisations but also the World of academia, hobbyists and budding inventors – any of which could produce the next big thing. The US market is the one to watch for massive new growth in wireless connectivity and LPRS intend to join the party.

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