New EnOcean-enabled luminaires and furniture system plug-load controller address trends in energy conservation and legislation.

[West Haven, CT] – The Lighting Quotient, a leading architectural lighting manufacturer and member of the EnOcean Alliance, announced today additions and enhancements to its intelligent lighting solutions based on the EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard. The portfolio enables luminaires in buildings and plug load circuits in modular office furniture to communicate wirelessly and to respond in accordance with occupancy patterns, available daylight, and user preferences.

The expanded portfolio was presented at this year’s LIGHTFAIR show and includes several new luminaire styles that are available with embedded EnOcean-enabled technology. Along with the new products, The Lighting Quotient announced that its entire 315 MHz product portfolio will be upgraded to the 902 MHz EnOcean standard by mid-summer. The 902 MHz frequency achieves double the range of common 2.4 GHz devices for the same energy budget and offers an effective, robust wireless communication for applications in the building automation sector.

The combination of self-powered wireless sensors and switches with intelligent controls and wirelessly-enabled luminaires simplifies and accelerates installations and enables lighting in offices, hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings to easily adapt to evolving and changeable interior space plans while supporting energy code compliance and conservation. 

“Due to the batteryless, wireless EnOcean technology, the components are very easy to install and the system can be expanded at any time. This makes our solution highly suitable for retrofit building projects as well as for new constructions,” says Allison Schieffelin Walker, Chairman and CEO, The Lighting Quotient. The furniture system plug load controller demonstrated at LIGHTFAIR is patent pending and will provide specifiers and building owners a simple method for bringing furniture power receptacles in offices and computer classrooms into compliance with the newest ASHRAE energy standards when it becomes available this fall.

The Lighting Quotient controls employ EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless technology that converts linear motion and ambient light or temperature differences into usable electrical energy to power wireless sensors and switches, for example. Therefore, the EnOcean-based products work completely without batteries, which reduces maintenance efforts and overall lifetime cost to a minimum. The Lighting Quotient designs and manufactures indoor, outdoor, asymmetric, task/ambient and LED lighting solutions. Their three divisions elliptipar, tambient and fraqtir, use proprietary optics that have earned over 100 patents and 30 patents pending. They solve simple or complex lighting design challenges and meet or exceed the most stringent environmental standards. 

The expanded intelligent lighting system includes the following components:

Wireless Occupancy Sensors – The CMS-EN wireless batteryless occupancy sensors generate their own power using integral photovoltaic cells that harvest energy from the ambient light in the space. The sensor uses passive infrared detection circuitry and wireless transmission to send an occupancy or vacancy signal to linked wireless load controllers. 
Wireless Photo Sensor – The CLS-EN-02 photo sensor delivers a straightforward and effective daylight harvesting solution. The photo sensor monitors interior light levels and wirelessly transmits light level signals to the controllers as daylight is detected. In turn, the controllers automatically dim lights based on the increased ambient light level and the preconfigured set points for work surface and room illumination.
Wireless Wall Switches – The self-powered CWS-EN-03/-04 are available in both single and dual paddle switch configurations. The wireless switch mounts directly to most surfaces or to any standard switch box. More than one switch can be used to control loads from multiple locations within a space. When used in conjunction with The Lighting Quotient dimming controllers, the CWS switch acts as a multi-location wall box dimmer.
Wireless Transmitting Power Pack – The CPP-EN-02 is a transmitting power pack that wirelessly transmits a contact closure status from a wired occupancy sensor or wired time clock to an unlimited number of EnOcean-based controllers that are within range.
Wireless Dimming Control Hub – The CCH dimming control hub combines daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing to reduce lighting power consumption. It adjusts the luminaires’ light output based on daylight and occupancy levels that are communicated via wirelessly coupled photo and occupancy sensors.
Wireless Load Controllers – The CLC wireless load controllers offer a simple and sustainable solution for controlling lighting, electric circuits, and plug loads for energy savings and code compliance. Using wireless technology, these controllers eliminate much of the wiring typically associated with building energy management systems. The controller is preconfigured to switch connected loads in response to signals from wirelessly coupled motion sensors, light sensors, wall switches, and other devices that transmit commands using the EnOcean wireless protocol.

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