New Testing Capabilities Address FCC Mandate for E911 on VoLTE-capable Devices

Sunnyvale, CA — Spirent Communications has announced that its 8100 Location Technology Solution (LTS) now offers support for end-to-end Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) E911 testing. As North American carriers race to successfully deploy VoLTE, they also recognize their requirement to provide FCC-mandated E911 services.

Providing reliable support for E911 with VoLTE service presents new challenges, which has led major carriers to embrace Spirent’s solution and to begin enforcing VoLTE E911 testing as part of their device certification process.

“Spirent has long recognized the importance of the FCC mandate and understands well the complexity in implementing emergency services with VoLTE,” said Spirent’s Vice President Nigel Wright.  “Providing support for end-to-end testing of VoLTE E911 demonstrates our continued commitment to wireless operators and device manufacturers in their push to get reliable VoLTE-capable devices to market quickly.”

The Spirent 8100 LTS solution now supports testing the initiation of a VoLTE E911 call on mobile devices in conjunction with a location session that provides an end-user’s position. In addition to assessing the performance of position fixes, the 8100 solution ensures that VoLTE calls are maintained with sufficient quality while concurrently calculating position fixes, enabling testing of the complex service interaction issues arising during this process. 

Spirent 8100 LTS has won widespread acceptance as the leading platform for location testing in the wireless industry, and with this latest capability is now able to support both control plane and user plane VoLTE E911 end-to-end testing scenarios.

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