SCANPAY.IT launches a new method to pay on smartphones and tablets that makes entering credit card information as easy as taking a picture. SCANPAY.IT aims to integrate this solution in over 10 000 mobile applications worldwide and make it a standard approved by a large majority of users.

SCANPAY.IT enables mobile apps to drastically increase their checkout conversion rate

When it comes to selling products or services on mobile applications, one of the biggest issues is to convince users to pay on their smartphones or tablets. With ScanPay, the user must simply hold the card briefly in front of the camera. Our engine will automatically recognize the numbers and the expiration date. With this outstanding process, we want to double m-commerce apps conversion rates and help them in the enrollment process of new customers.

SCANPAY.IT will make life easier for mobile users and mobile apps developers

Given the checkout complexity, mobile conversion rates are staggeringly low, despite a massive adoption of mobile devices as a shopping tool. Very often, the time needed, the frequent typing errors make the process strenuous and lead to purchase cancellations.

ScanPay is the solution to such issues. It is a software development kit (SDK), i.e. some lines of code that just need to be added by developers in their apps own code.

Developers can access the SDK through the website, access all documentation and files needed, and integrate ScanPay within their apps in less than half an hour. Once added, the SDK provides any iOS or Android app with a simple, fast, safe and efficient credit card scanning tool.

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