Clifton, NJ – Pervasive Group is excited to announce MMGuardian, one of the first optimized parental control solutions for carriers. 

MMGuardian is a CTIA E-Tech Awards Finalist in the mobile category and Pervasive will conduct a live demonstration of MMGuardian on the Exhibit Innovations Stage at booth 5646 within CTIA World on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 12:30pm.

MMGuardian, currently available to millions of parents using Android devices, is a high performance, fully scalable, carrier-grade solution that is immediately customizable, may be easily carrier-branded and internationalized, and can be quickly deployed onto any carrier app store or co-branded on Google Play.  The product is cloud-based and complete for a seamless deployment, requiring no capex, complex network integration, or time consuming testing cycles - resulting in a very low cost of in-house deployment with minimum cost to ownership with low support and maintenance costs.  

Children and teens are smartphone-enabled, with rates of smartphone use rising by double-digits every year since 2010.  By 2016, according to Pew Research, 95% of teens aged 12 and above in the United States and Europe will use smartphones – including over 50% for more than five hours per day – which means that parents’ current, growing problems with teen smartphone use will only get bigger.

Parents in Latin American and Asian countries will see similar increases in both smartphone ownership and smartphone usage, as more than 2 billion smartphones enter the developing world between now and 2016.

MMGuardian is the comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution to this problem; built on one easy-to-use interface to give parents access control to their child’s phone (including pre-scheduling and instant lock and location capabilities), text monitoring, call blocking, whitelisting/blacklisting capability for calls, texts, and applications, and text and driving prevention.  MMGuardian also includes tamper and uninstallation prevention and battery optimization unique to the industry.

MMGuardian presents the potential to both increase customer satisfaction and provide a new revenue stream.  As parents’ problems with child smartphone use grow with rapidly rising adoption, lack of smartphone parental control will only become a more acute problem.  By 2016, when texting and driving deaths are projected, based on current rates of growth, to cross 10,000 per year, becoming the No. 1 killer of teens in America, teens will send over 200 texts per day, use over 75 applications (many of them potentially dangerous) and use their phone for five hours per day or more, subscribers will demand a carrier-based solution to their concerns that they know they can trust.

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