Herndon, VA— Celcite has announced that it will take up the headline Diamond sponsorship of the 4th Annual Self Organizing Networks (SON) conference, which takes place in Nice, France on 1 – 2 October 2013.

Self-Organizing Networks is the largest dedicated self-optimizing network/self-organizing network event in the world. The two-day carrier-led event will bring together leading experts from operators and vendors to discuss the latest SON developments, and will offer high-level technical presentations by executive speakers from a range of backgrounds across the industry. Celcite’s exclusive Diamond sponsorship is the highest tier of sponsorship available at this event.

Topics will range from the different network automation technologies available in the market, through to the latest advice on HetNet and small cell SON deployment strategy. The rich conference program will feature feedback from SON first movers, including real life case studies analyzing how SONs work in live network deployments.

Celcite’s SON solution is a self-optimizing network/self-organizing network solution (SON) that will allow the network operator to trigger autonomous network configurations in near real-time. Some of the world's largest mobile network operators, biggest megacities and most widely watched sports and cultural events are all being optimized by Celcite SON today. Celcite SON has been built on proprietary algorithms developed by Celcite which incorporate over 2 million man hours of network management experience. More information can be found at

“With increasingly complex multi-vendor, multi-technology networks, Celcite’s reliable self-optimizing network technology is crucial to achieving a financially efficient network performance in the real world,” says Rahul Sharma, CEO of Celcite. “As the world’s most advanced and experienced provider of self-optimizing network and automated network management solutions, Celcite is well positioned to provide guidance and leadership on the subject of real world SON: we will present several SON innovations and case studies with senior guest speakers during the 2013 Self Organising Networks conference.”

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