With “Blue Crowd Search,” BlueBee is the first lost-and-found service to tap the power of the crowd to find your lost objects, using your smartphone (iOS, Android)

San Francisco, CA and Paris, France – X6 Innovations is launching BlueBee, a unique smartphone accessory that uses the first cloud-based crowdsourcing technology to track and find your things quickly and easily. BlueBee is a small electronic location device, the shape of a mini cassette tape that will make your life easier.

It can easily be attached to your keys, your purse or left in your car. BlueBee then communicates with your iOS or Android smartphone using the BlueBee app that locates all your tagged valuables on a map (up to 8 Bluebees), and make them ring when you are close by. Whether you’re looking for your keys, your purse or even your car, the BlueBee app is there to help.

BlueBee taps the power of the crowd to help find your lost valuables BlueBee uses a unique crowdsourcing technology, “Blue Crowd Search,” to find your things, with the help of all the other BlueBee users.

Wherever your lost stuffs are, it can be automatically detected by the smartphone of a BlueBee user passing by that will immediately notify you with its exact location.

This passive and fully automated user collaboration network is the first cloud-based « lost-and-found » service, and fully owned and operated by X6 Innovations. And in a near future, tens of thousands of « moving radars » will be able to help everyone find their lost property, every day.

“Security and privacy protection were paramount to architecture the ‘BlueCrowd network’,” explains Cyril Haoudi, the co-founder of X6 Innovations. “It is absolutely impossible to track BlueBees which don’t belong to you, because of the way we have built the Blue Crowd Search network and the security algorithms.” A remote control BlueBee can also remotely control your smartphone. By pressing the BlueBee button, you will be able to quickly find your phone by making it ring, even in silent mode. This button can also be used to trigger your smartphone’s camera and easily take group pictures.

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