SX4-SDI subsystem pairs unique multi-SDI capacity with dramatically reduced space requirements.

Pleasonton, CA – Omron Network Products, LLC (ONP) has announced the company will offer an exclusive demonstration of the SX4-SDI subsystem, the industry's only stand-alone optical subsystem that can transmit four 3G-SDI signals simultaneously over 500m on a single fiber. ONP will debut the SX4-SDI at the 2013 NAB show in booth SL4329 from April 8-11.

"As a global provider of end-to-end signal path solutions for multiple signal types and formats used in Pro AV, broadcast, industrial, medical and other highly sensitive applications, we're thoroughly impressed with what ONP has created," states Dan Holland, VP Product Marketing, PESA. "We look for ways to keep our products on the forefront of available technology, and we have been very pleased with how the SX4-SDI subsystem meets our stringent needs."

The SX4-SDI subsystem is an optical-to-electrical (O-E) module that transmits four video or data channels over one multimode fiber. With the TIA and Limiting Amp integrated into the OSA and enclosed in an EMI-shielded metal housing, the SX4 subsystem is a fully integrated optical subsystem, versatile enough to be designed in to meet a variety of pathological system requirements.

Key features include:

  • Four 3G/HD/SD- signals on one Multimode fiber.
  • Small size (similar to one SFP transceiver).
  • Asynchronous (any combination of SD-, HD-, and 3G-SDI).
  • Integrated TIA and Limiting Amp.
  • Per channel RSSI reporting.
  • Metal enclosure with SC optical interface.
  • CML outputs.

"The SX4-SDI does something that no single optical component product on the market does at this time, and it's going to save the broadcast industry a great deal of space and budget," comments Martin Smith, director of marketing, ONP. "What we're debuting at NAB will demonstrate a reduction in board space and fiber cost by 75 percent. This will turn heads because it's a solution the industry needs and sees immediate value in. We look forward to sharing it with the world at the show."

Demonstrations of the SX4-SDI will take place at the 2013 NAB Exhibition, April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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