SoftPLC Corporation (Spicewood, TX) announces TagWell, which is a powerful, configurable platform for comprehensive and scalable remote control system and asset management.

TagWell utilizes Internet cloud technologies and can take advantage of low-cost M2M cellular communications.

Combined with SoftPLC's industrial controller and communication gateway products, the TagWell solution provides a secure, simple and low-cost way to remotely monitor, control, acquire data, and troubleshoot remote systems, machines, and other devices via a combination of the Internet and a cellular network.

The TagWell user interface is customer specific web pages that can be viewed on any browser - this includes a PC, a tablet, or even a smart phone!

The components of a TagWell system can include:

  • TagWell - Secure Internet based ("cloud") platform that receives data from SoftPLC RTU's and Gateways ("remotes"), enables real-time browser-based remote monitoring and control of industrial systems, and supports customer designed add-ons for data acquisition, reporting and more.
  • SoftPLC Gateways - Industrial communication interfaces that enable remote communication between industrial controllers/equipment and TagWell, as well as from TagWell to SCADA systems. Gateways also provide immediate alert notification via email or SMS text message, and can do data acquisition and logging functions. All SoftPLC Gateways are equipped with cell modems, ethernet, serial ports and have options to interface to additional communication networks. Other Internet connections are also supported where cellular or LAN are not available, such as phone lines, satellite, etc.
  • SoftPLC RTU's - Industrial controllers that provide I/O monitoring and extensive control, in addition to all the powerful functions of a SoftPLC Gateway.

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