Shortly before the end of 2012, RECOM officially opened its new SMD factory in Kaohsiung/Taiwan. The factory has been designed to mass-produce selected converter types with very high cost efficiency.

This will make it even more economic in the future for our customers to use our readily available and fully certified modules rather than to develop their own converters in-house. For this new facility,

RECOM has invested 3 million US Dollars to date, and still has space for further expansion. On floor space of 1500m², RECOM plans to manufacture 15 million converters this year, increasing by 40% to 50% the following year.

Rising certification costs have increased the demand for pre-built modules, but for large volume projects, the higher cost of a commercially available converter has proven less attractive than a discrete solution. To counter this issue, RECOM has selected the most popular high runners to be manufactured in lots of 100k pieces.

These efficiently manufactured “E version” modules benefit from the economies of scale from mass production and will be 25% to 30% cheaper than the standard models yet still held to the same rigid quality assurance process as the conventionally manufactured converters.

The ultimate goal of this new factory is 100% automatically manufactured converters. So far, the difficulty of winding toroidal transformers with very small diameters has prevented this. In cooperation with an external machine tool manufacturer, RECOM engineers have succeeded in developing a special machine to overcome this problem.

Now, even coils with an internal diameter as small as 2.5mm can be fully automatically wound, and 5 to 10 times faster than previously possible with guaranteed reliability.

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