Netlist, Inc. (Irvine, CA) [NASDAQ: NLST] has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued to Netlist U.S. Patent 8,345,427 (the ‘427 patent) and U.S. Patent 8,359,501 (the ‘501 patent). 

The newly-issued patents address growing technical bottlenecks in the area of high-density server memory. As density progression of monolithic DRAMs slows, server memory solutions will increasingly require technologies that can integrate a greater number of existing, lower-density DRAM chips in order to achieve high-density modules.

The ‘427 patent claims innovations critical to integrating a large number of DRAMs on a single DIMM by allowing a stack of multiple memory boards to fit in a single DIMM socket and remain cool despite the dense design form factor. Another growing challenge for the memory industry is the ability to rigorously test large amounts of memory at operating speeds.

The ‘501 patent claims a revolutionary technology that significantly reduces the time it takes to thoroughly test high density server memory modules “at speed,” providing Netlist with a key competitive advantage – the ability to efficiently yield high quality memory products.

“As an ongoing strategic initiative, Netlist continues to prioritize IP development as it creates and perfects advanced technologies for the server and storage markets. The steady issuance of new patents, USPTO’s continued validation of claims under reexamination and increasing citations of Netlist patents by industry leaders, such as Micron and Google, are all indicative of the disruptive nature and inherent value of our patent portfolio,” says Netlist President and CEO, C.K. Hong.

Through its targeted patenting activities, Netlist has invested and grown its Intellectual Property, which now includes multiple patent portfolios in the areas of high performance and high-density memory subsystems and hybrid memory technologies.

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