Monnit Corporation a cutting edge provider of wireless sensing technology, today announced an agreement with M2M Data Corporation, a leading provider of remote asset monitoring and management services to the oil and gas, water/wastewater, power generation, and heavy equipment industries.

Under the agreement, M2M Data Corp will offer Monnit’s wireless sensing solutions to their customers, allowing them to easily expand the functionality of their existing M2M (Machine-to-Machine) systems.

Monnit currently provides over 26 different types of wireless sensors available in Industrial NEMA 4X enclosures. The sensors are designed to detect and monitor various functions that are critical to equipment and asset operation, including; temperature, humidity, water, light, motion, movement, access, voltage, vibration and much more.

“We feel that M2M Data Corp’s expertise in industrial markets makes them a perfect partner for us.  Our industrial wireless sensors help address the growing demand for reliable, cost effective, wireless sensing solutions that can easily integrate with M2M’s RMS and Aquavx remote monitoring services." said Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit Corporation.

M2M Data Corp accelerates the entire M2M solution process, from conceptualization to commercialization by leveraging rapidly configurable platforms, deep device understanding, and comprehensive integration expertise. In addition to its robust M2M network and application platforms, M2M Data Corp provides capabilities in over 50 vertical markets.

"Monnit’s extensive line of low-cost, low-power wireless sensors will allow us to expand the selection of solutions available to our customers. Their sensors will allow our customers to monitor more conditional and environmental variables than ever before.” said Donald Wallace, M2M’s CEO.

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November 21, 2012