There are 5 million iPhone users who now have longer battery life, thanks to the iPhone 5. Those of us still using the 4 or 4S, well, we still have to look to other sources to charge up during a busy day. You know that draining battery bar will show up at the worst possible point, right as you’re trying to upload all that video you recorded, and of course, you’re nowhere near an outlet. If you are, then guaranteed you didn’t bring a charger with you.

There are solutions available. There are several sturdy and rigid cases that will replenish your iPhone 4‘s battery life. The cases themselves hold a full charge and can transfer that power to your phone whenever you need it to kick in, or they can charge your phone in bursts throughout the day. Some people like to wait until their battery is just teetering on the 10% mark before hitting the “On” switch on their battery case.

Whatever your preference, take a look through this gallery of powerhouse cases and let us know which one you prefer. Do you have other options for when your battery is dying?

Need a high speed charge or a simultaneous pass-through charge? This power pack from Energizer is capable of both with a slim design and non-slip, fingerprint resistent outer coating.


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Plan on spending a lot of time away from home where the convenience of outlets are nonexistent? A monocrystal solar panel, the Mobius charges your phone on-the-go and offers a standby mode to allow its battery pack to hold and store power.



This case is for the power user, the mobile photographer and simultaneous videographer. Boasting a 150% longer battery life, Mophie's rugged case is not only attractive, but rated to U.S. Military standards for dust and particle penetration, water and impact resistance. The integrated standby switch lets you trickle charge or charge all at once.



Tired of you phone dying on that five hour plane ride? The PowerShadow from Spyder adds 11 hours worth of video playback. Included with the charger is a dock that allows for syncing and charging while keeping your phone upright for continued use.



Like the titanium back of the new iPhone 5 but don't plan on ordering one yet? Then this is the case for you. With its one-piece silicone, soft touch body and titanium back the PowerSkin offers protection and up to 200 hours standby time.



This case offers a sleek and clean design with twice the battery life for your iPhone. Available in several color options.



We saved the most versatile combo charger/protector for last. Third Rail has maximized the usage of this case/charger as it can act as both, or serve other devices as a stand-alone charger.


With its removable battery you can spare the weight while charging another device, or connect it to your phone for trickle charging.



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September 26, 2012