After online shopping for some astronomically priced gadgetry, we learned a lot about how the geeky 1% lives. First, there’s nothing electronic that can’t be encrusted with diamonds or plated in gold. Second, traffic need never be a problem when you have an amphibious truck or hovercraft. And finally, a heavy supply of robots is essential when preparing for the apocalypse. So if your startup makes it big, or you hit the lottery, here’s your ultimate buying guide for your new fancy-schmancy life.

Price: $25,000,000

Oh, how many diamonds did you say you needed? One pink, one blue, 352 D color flawless and 520 fancy intense yellows.


Price: $7,944,000

Sorry, gold is currently the only color in which this case is available.

Price: $4,700,000

You haven't heard real music until you've listened to it through solid gold speakers.

Price: $2,000,000

You can't put a price on a machine that essentially turns you into a fish.

Price: $2,000,000

The only way Bruce Wayne watches movies.

Price: $1,350,000

Your only defense for a robot planet takeover.

Price: $1,195,000

Can't decide between a new truck or boat? We'll make it easy for you.

Price: $1,000,000

But if you prefer a boat, this is a great deal for a used 66.5-year-old restored Patrol Torpedo Boat from World War II.

Price: $350,000

For when your helicopter is on the fritz.

Price: $190,000

For when your flying car is on the fritz.

Price: $130,000

Regular television is for regular people. You friend, are not regular.

Price: $103,264

OK, it's no Chopard, but this is a great option if you're on a budget (or in the rainforest).

Price: $104,744

Pro tip: Don't leave this baby chained up outside your Brooklyn apartment.

Price: $65,000

Boats are great. But a boat that looks and acts like a shark? OK, you win at life.

Price: $65,000

It's like ... the James Bond of pools.

Price: $60,000

This is how all racing pros train at home.

Price: $55,000

It's totally street legal.


There's even enough room for your personal chef.

Price: $44,750

Please do not disturb me while I am in my work pod.

Price: $35,000

You can replace the mole heads with pictures of your family. No, that's not a mean joke.

Price: $32,995

Wait, that's all it costs to get a picture of a mermaid in her natural habitat? This thing will pay for itself.

Price: $29,500

Doubles as a vampire sleeping pod.

Price: $25,000

Vegas-themed hotels got nothing on your sick game room.

Price: $24,000

Because who would want to be friends with a Dalek?

Price: $20,000

Sadly, this tank is no longer available. But it made our list for best name. Badonkadonk adonka donk.

Price: $18,000

Oh, you have a race car bed? That's cute.

Price: $17,000

Who says you need friends?

Price: $15,774

Finally, an easy way to protect your $700 iPad: Dock it 11 feet in the air.

Price: $11,000

It also punches anyone who makes the duck face.

Price: $10,500

Yes it looks extravagant, but it's made from recycled materials.

Price: $10,000

If manual pedaling isn't your thing.

Price: $6,400

How is the most expensive throne in the world still less than 10 grand?

Price: $5,250

No one will ever hear you listening to the Backstreet Boys.

Price: $5,000+

The holy grail of geeky guitars.

Price: $5,000

If you move in with a significant other who says this couch "just doesn't match," you'll know it's over.

Price: $4,000

Think about it this way: Which is cheaper? Paying a bellhop's annual salary or buying this robot?

Price: $3,999.99

Beer me, PacMan.

Price: $3,999.99

Never leave your house underprepared for an aerial dragon attack.

Price: $2,939.99

We don't have to tell you that you need this. You already know.

Price: $1,540

Make no mistake — this is not a costume.

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August 28, 2012