Having to reheat your hot beverage after it turns cold is not only inconvenient, but it’s also not very energy efficient. Designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi has created the Burning Cup that will keep your coffee or hot chocolate warm from the first to last sip without using any electricity.

The mug contains a solution of sodium acetate, which is a solid form when cold and a liquid form when heated. The hot beverage heats up the chemical compound. As it cools down, users can press the two buttons on the mug to activate the sodium acetate to warm up the mug again.

Sodium acetate is salt made up of acetic acid and natrium. The solution is currently used in household heat packs to treat temporary pains and aches.

Burning cup is a product which helps prevent a beverage from cooling down due to heat release to outside.

The Burning Cup is a great alternative to re-heating your coffee in the microwave, which uses electricity and makes coffee cups hot. The Burning Cup's technology is similar to that of a hot pack often used for injuries.

The sodium acetate breaks the balance of liquid state by even tiny impact and hardens it solid, and at this time generates heat momentarily.

This heat allows the temperature of the beverage in the cup to be kept for a period of time consistently.

The heat contained in the beverage is delivered again to the outside sodium acetate, and makes the solid into liquid.  

July 5, 2012