The Lytro has made waves in the world of photography since it was first announced in June 2011. By capturing all planes of light, Lytro allows users to focus and re-focus pictures by selecting different parts of the photo after you take it.

Until now, however, Lytro was only available to Apple users. Now the innovative technology can broaden its appeal to a larger audience — it’s available for Windows users as well.

All Lytro cameras, those that have already been purchased in addition to new ones, are now compatible with Lytro software on either system. If you are using both systems – a Mac at home and a PC at work, for example –- note that picture libraries cannot currently be shared between computers using different systems. you’ll have to upload your pictures to both systems before deleting them from your camera.

Both versions of the Lytro software allow users to edit and share pictures in the same way — primarily as embeddable pictures on Facebook.

In addition to the release for Windows, Lytro has also debuted a tripod for the oddly-shaped camera, and a new charger that can bring the device back up to full power 30% faster.

Do you think you’ll buy a Lytro now that it’s available for PCs? Let us know in the comments.

The Lytro packaging is thankfully sparse and simple, with very little unnecessary plastic.

Is Lytro trying to tell us something about how important it thinks its camera is?

Under the camera is the documentation, just short quick start guide and warranty info.

Besides the camera, the box contains a lens cap, a lanyard, a microfiber cloth, a USB cable and the document pamphlets.

The Lytro lens cap is magnetic, coming off a little too easily.

The Lytro camera is the size and shape of a large stick of butter.



July 26, 2012