Using every trick in the book to milk your laptop's charge for the duration of a flight? Forget that. Apple's MagSafe Airline Adapter plugs into the airplane's seat power port, keeping your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air juiced for as many DVD viewings as you'd like. Note: This adapter keeps your laptop powered up but doesn't charge the battery, so you'll have to snag an outlet in the terminal if you need to fill up before the flight.
Is your carry-on a mess of tangled wires, gadgets and miscellaneous chargers? Get organized with the Grid-It organization system's new and improved iPad case. A neoprene pocket protects your tablet, while the gridded straps across the front of the case make it possible to configure your gadgets and accessories in countless ways. You'll spend less time organizing and more time enjoying.
Get slick and productive with this virtual keyboard keychain, sold exclusively by Brookstone. This tiny and compact keychain is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It will project a keyboard on any flat surface, and works with Bluetooth wireless technology to easily connect to your tablet or smartphone.




4. Polished Oval WiFi/2GB USB Cufflinks, $249.99

Fashion yourself an ultra-modern James Bond with these cufflinks that moonlight as a 2 GB flash drive and Wi-Fi hotspot. You'll be able to hook up your laptop, tablet and smartphone devices to the cufflink connection, giving a whole new meaning to "it's all in the wrist."
If your gadgets are loaded up with media but you're sick of squinting at the screen, then you need an HDMI Pocket Projector. The price tag will set you back but the possibilities are endless—this pocket-sized device connects to most smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, DVD players and cameras. It can be a great supplement for work and play.Note: Apple devices require an Apple Digital AV Adapter for HDMI use.
Charge all your gizmos and gadgets in one fell swoop with this mini surge protector. With three AC outlets and two powered USB outlets, tech fiends on the go can simultaneously juice up their laptop, tablet, camera, cell phone and mp3 player. Plus, it's designed with a handy 360-degree rotation to fit with whatever else might be plugged into the outlet.
Have a weakness for shopping? Yeah, so does your luggage. The On Your Weigh Luggage Scale is as handy as it is compact. Weigh your bag before a long stay, or pack it in anticipation of a heavier load on the way home. The scale's back-lit display changes from blue to red when your bag is overweight, cluing you in before you're stuck paying the fees.





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July, 16, 2012