IMS2012 is less than 6 weeks away and I have been browsing the Program book to try to decide what to do and unfortunately what I willn’t be able to do.  I am always amazed at the breadth of activities available. 

There will be multiple opportunities to learn the latest in my area of expertise (active device test & measurement) at technical sessions, workshops, panels, wandering the exhibits, MicroApps presentations, …  I also will take some time to learn about some of the emerging areas or some topic that has intrigued me but of which I know little – a great continuing education opportunity.  Never know when an idea from another area can be integrated into your present focus area.

But there is much more to gain because you are attending in person.  While much of the material will be available post conference, when you attend in person it is a much greater experience -- hearing the Q&A, engaging in lunch time and hallway discussion with colleagues, and connecting with exhibitors will add much more depth to your understanding.  IMS is a great opportunity to build, expand and re-connect with your technical network.

And for a little guilty pleasure, I will take some time to get out of the Palais des Congrès and catch some of the sites of Montréal.  It’s a great cosmopolitan city – part North American, part European, part English, part French – a very rich culture and history.  Old Town by the St. Lawrence and the Notre-Dame Basilica are two of my favorite sites and are within easy walking distance.  And what better way to experience Montréal than having a few beers and a great dinner with colleagues discussing the latest in microwave technology.

Having been on a number of IMS Steering Committees myself and the honor to have been the General Chair for IMS2006, I want to thank all those on the IMS2012 Steering Committee.  They have put in a tremendous amount of time and energy to create an event that will provide you many opportunities to enhance and expand your career.  I urge you to thank them also.

And one final item, if you have not yet pre-registered – time is running out for Early Bird discounted registration. 21 May is the Early Bird deadline.

IMS2012 is going to be another great IMS and hope to see you there!!

John Barr (IMS2006 General Chair)

IMS 2012


Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

May 10, 2012