Spirent Communications announced the availability of TD-LTE conformance testing on the Spirent 8100 Mobile Device Test System.  Recognizing the global significance of the technology, Spirent has extended its test capabilities to include TD-LTE conformance testing for all 3GPP RF, protocol and RRM requirements.

TD-LTE conformance test cases run on the same platform developed by Spirent, in collaboration with AT4 wireless, for device development and operator acceptance testing.   The ongoing partnership between Spirent Communications and AT4 wireless brings together industry leaders in LTE device performance testing and LTE conformance testing, resulting in the most comprehensive single-platform test solution available for network operators and device manufacturers. 

TD-LTE is the time division duplex (TDD) flavor of LTE, which operates in a single frequency band as opposed to the paired bands required by frequency division duplex (FDD) LTE, which is already widely deployed in North America and elsewhere.  At a time of global pressure on spectrum, single-band operation makes TD-LTE an attractive option to many network operators.

“TD-LTE is an effective answer to the challenges of limited spectrum, and it also supports advanced antenna techniques that enable faster data rates and improved system capacity,” said Spirent vice president Hesham ElHamahmy.   “In addition to this new TD-LTE conformance testing capability, Spirent is also a leader in addressing the complex testing requirements for TD-LTE-enabled antenna techniques, such as MIMO Beamforming.”

Spirent 8100 is the platform of choice for device performance and operators acceptance testing and supports conformance testing for both TD-LTE and FDD LTE in all 3GPP frequency bands.  Delivering TD-LTE conformance test capability as a software option for the 8100 test solution allows Spirent’s customers to maintain a single platform approach for device testing at every stage of the development life cycle. 

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

May 07, 2012