In part one of our two part series we examined several ‘unique’ ways in which RFID is being implemented around the world. Alas, we present to you, part two!

Refrigerators are nerds too.

Smart refrigerators’ recently introduced in their beta phase, use RFID to track what’s inside of your fridge.  For those non-tagged rfid items, you are able to manually enter the quantities. Keeping a manual log as you consume items, your fridge will alert you when items are low and will even prepare a shopping list for you to print out or email directly to the grocery store. O, and smells from that 6 month old pudding casserole will be a thing of the past.

Cool uses of RFIDWhat’s the password? Cats and Dogs

Pet doors appear to be a novel idea, until you come home to the site of the rest of the squirrels, raccoons, and chipmunks that frequent your neighborhood, rummaging around in your kitchen. Creators are hoping to make this a thing of the past with automatic pet doors that only grant access to your RFID tagged pets. If you have plans on investing, don’t forget your keys!

Can I have a mulligan?Cool uses of RFID

Ok, we won’t go as far as to say RFID will put you at the level to compete with the Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson’s of the world, but those countless minutes and shots you waste looking for poorly hit balls will no longer delay your rounds. RFID chips are being embedded in golf balls, pin-pointing the exact location of your less than perfect hit.  And yes the RFID tagged golf balls are water resistant, but you aren’t, try to keep it out of the water.


No, you will not be pulling frogs out of arms, or bells out of the heart. In all seriousness however, RFID chips are being embedded in surgical sponges to ensure doctors do not lose them inside of a patient’s body during or after the surgery.  These surgical sponges can have an extremely detrimental impact on the operated patient if left inside. 

Cool uses of RFIDParty On!

 At Barcelona's Baja Beach Club, VIPs are injected with RFIDs linked to debit accounts, making wallets passé. A simple swipe of the hand is all it takes to make a purchase. Handy when all you're wearing is… well let’s just say it is very handy.  

Share some of your ideas on how you would use RFID in your daily life!

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

April 24, 2012