A new range of piezo-electric voltage accelerometers is available that works in high temperature environments - at 185°C with a further increase to 225°C just around the corner.

This significant breakthrough in vibration sensor technology from DJB Instruments means that tests in challenging high temperature environments will be significantly easier, cheaper and more reliable. The product has a wide range of applications and engineers working in industries such as oil & gas, energy, aviation, aerospace, automotive and communications will find the versatility the industrial accelerometers provide invaluable.

Paul Hunter, Managing Director, DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd, said: “We’re confident this device will make a big difference to engineers where they are faced with the challenges of collecting data from high temperature environments. This is a step change in what is now possible. DJB Instruments is proud to have made this contribution which is a reflection of our commitment to developing niche products and our ambitions for future growth.”

Up until now, conventional voltage accelerometer electronics have operated within a traditional limit of 125°C which places severe limitations when working within challenging environments.

Ken Brown, who has worked with vibration transducers throughout his career and now operates as an independent consultant said: “The new high temperature voltage output (QVC) accelerometers from DJB Instruments will provide practising engineers with a great opportunity to benefit from using the new devices with instrumentation and cabling for work on hot surfaces. This advance represents a significant cost and convenience saving over the previous alternates of charge output accelerometers with associated cabling and instrumentation or non-contact instrumentation such as lasers.”

Working to a DJB Instruments design, the migration of the traditional low temperature control electronics to a high temperature SOI based ASIC device has been carried out by GE Aviation Systems. The control device has been assembled using high temperature electronics packaging technology with piezo-electric accelerometers.

DJB Instruments are pursuing a course of continuous research and development in pressure and vibration measuring equipment. This first release of the new high temperature voltage accelerometer is at a product tested 185°C. Currently DJB Instruments is conducting continuous operation tests on materials which have to be carefully sourced to match the already temperature proven ASIC device. On completion of our next batch of testing DJB Instruments will make available voltage accelerometers rated at the outstanding 225°C.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

April 02, 2012