Lemos International - CTA88 Board PairSince its inception in 1996, Lemos International has been the wireless device distributor of choice for businesses and industrial customers that require high-quality RF solutions. Today, Lemos International provides those that do business in the government and private sectors with reliable RF products that range from low-power ZigBee network devices to long-range VHF radio modules.

As its name implies, Lemos International is a world class distributor of RF products. Lemos International now offers its customers world class RF design services.  Lemos International has always provided a level of support for its entire product line.

Over time, customers became more and more dependent on Lemos International to provide design advice. Requests for RF design support became so numerous that Danny Lemos, the owner and founder of Lemos International, has created a formal Lemos International RF design department.

The Lemos International RF design arm is headed by an experienced former NASA engineer with work credentials from government agencies and large well-known corporations. The Lemos International RF Design Team can provide RF design solutions for customers that work in the following sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Space
  • Medical
  • Alternative Energy
  • Smart Grid Metering
  • Lighting Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • Tracking
  • Consumer

Lemos International stands ready to supply your business with reliable high-quality RF devices backed by comprehensive RF design services. The Lemos International RF Design Team is prepared to work with your in-house engineers or support your RF project from initial design to implementation.

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Posted by Ron M. Seidel, Editorial Intern

April 25, 2012