Datatrade has chosen NextM2M as supplier of M2M connectivity for its new services.

NextM2M is supplying its newly upgraded management platform to leading Telecom carriers.

Datatrade is a new subsidiary of Calltrade Carrier Services AG based in Zürich, Switzerland. The new startup mainly focuses on providing connectivity services within the M2M business.

The agreement with NextM2M includes the newly enhanced NextM2M Management Platform enabling Datatrade to offer sophisticated M2M services and billing solutions with SIM-cards from different operators worldwide.

"We have in NextM2M found an extremely competent partner with a broad and deep knowledge of the very dynamic M2M market and technology," says Andrea Giacomini from Datatrade. "The people in NextM2M fully understand the market and the direction in which it is moving, and that is exactly what we were looking for to successfully enter this fast growing industry."

The collaboration with NextM2M will enable Datatrade to offer advanced price structures encompassing several operators and SIM cards on the same platform. This allows the company to resell carrier services even in bulk and individually, for each customer’s needs. "The flexible API set and the possibility to have more operators in the same domain is a unique feature of NextM2M’s solution that we have not found anywhere else, and which is crucial to our business model," says Giacomini.

"The NextM2M Management Platform is very well suited for businesses aspiring to be their own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)," says Henrik Hansen, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at NextM2M. The platform is developed with advanced reseller billing in mind. It is easy to establish and administrate domains and manage IP addressing. Furthermore, it is possible to have SIM-cards from different suppliers, such as local operators in the same domain and platform. This enables even complex billing solutions. The ability to fully integrate the platform’s billing capability into the customer’s own domain and billing systems is also a unique feature.

"The collaboration with Datatrade is a significant deal for NextM2M both economically and strategically," says Mads Winblad, Chairman of the Board at NextM2M. "It signifies the quality of our management platform," he says, "and proves to us that our investment in competence building within M2M is paying off."

"Machine-to-machine is a very new, dynamic and complex market," says Winblad, "and we are happy that Datatrade chose to cooperate with us in developing this market."

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Posted by Ron M. Seidel, Editorial Intern

February 8, 2012