CertiVox and QuickLogic Corporation announced plans to jointly develop user-friendly data solutions across platforms to solve the many online security challenges facing businesses and individuals today.

The first jointly developed product will extend the capability of secured cloud storage to a USB thumb drive, which features QuickLogic's CSSP platform and CertiVox's on-demand encryption key management. Combined, these technologies create an on-the-go solution for businesses, individuals and consumers that will deliver the benefit of CertiVox's soon-to-market SkyPin™ two-factor authentication technology, a portable browser hardened against man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks, and on-the-fly encryption. Each USB thumb drive will be enabled for secured backup to CertiVox's PrivateSky™ secured cloud storage. Enterprises will have the ability to manage these USB drives using a secured cloud based management service for audit and control.

"Today's online world brings a myriad of security challenges and we're pleased to have found a real synergy with QuickLogic to provide industry-leading solutions that solve those challenges in a dynamic yet simple way," says CertiVox CEO Brian Spector. "CertiVox's revolutionary two-factor authentication leverages robust, easily adaptable hardware solutions that QuickLogic provides."

QuickLogic enables premium services for the markets CertiVox serves by implementing a hardware-based two-factor authentication solution using CertiVox's MIRACL libraries and QuickLogic's ArcticLink® II CXS solution platform.

"Today's certificate-based internet security model no longer provides consumers with adequate protection in the IPv6/Web 2.0 world," says Andy Pease, President and CEO of QuickLogic. "We believe CertiVox's unique MIRACL software libraries delivered through QuickLogic's flexible CSSP solutions will address the crucial authentication and identity security issues that exist in the mobile market."

CertiVox CEO Brian Spector and QuickLogic Chief Technology Officer Timothy Saxe will be available Feb. 27 - March 2 for interviews and comment at the RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. 

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

February 24, 2012