QuickLogic is proud to announce availability of a new Proven System Block (PSB) called the Background Color Compensator (BCC.) This technology allows pico projected-content to be correctly viewed on projected surfaces of
various colors.

Hard-mounted projectors, such as those found in movie theatres and conference rooms, nearly always project onto a white screen. Accordingly, these projectors are tuned assuming a white surface. The mobile nature of pico projectors means that they can project anywhere, whether it be on the tan background of an airline seat or the red wall of a living room. Without accommodating for the different background colors, the user may experience viewing issues such as inaccurate color reproduction and reduced contrast.

QuickLogic’s BCC technology gathers projected surface color characteristics either from
an on-system color light sensor or user-provided data and modifies the projected content through an on-chip proprietary color balancing algorithm. Additionally, BCC is tightly coupled with QuickLogic’s Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) technology, which allows the color-compensated video to be further enhanced to provide the highest ‘effective lumens,’ critical to the user’s viewing experience.

According to the Pacific Media Associates 2011 Pico Projector Manufacturer Survey,
the pico projector market is forecasted to grow from 2.8 million units in 2011 to over 58 million units in 2015. “As the pico projector market moves to mass adoption in smartphones and tablets, we believe our slate of unique technologies including BCC and VEE will enable QuickLogic to be a partner of choice for system designers and OEMs,” said Paul Karazuba, senior product marketing manager for QuickLogic. “These technologies directly address important user experience issues, and adopters can be assured they are providing their customers the best possible experience available.”

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

January 31, 2012