At CES 2012, Frequency Networks, announces the launch of its global services platform, which provides the underlying services that power all Frequency consumer products. Frequency also announces a partnership with Brightcove, a leading global provider of cloud content services, and integration between Brightcove’s Video Cloud online video platform and Frequency’s global services platform.

Consumers around the world are increasingly using a wide array of products to watch internet video content, including tablets, smartphones, and internet-capable televisions and Blu-ray players. Videos are everywhere on the internet, on social networks, media sites and blogs. Navigating this universe of video to find exactly what consumers want can be a challenge – there are many different sites to check and apps to download, viewers each have their own friends and interests, and the video that’s available changes fast. Now, Frequency makes it simple and easy to discover, watch, and stay up to date with all the video that matters.

In a single place, Frequency brings together video from everywhere across the internet, creating custom channels that are updated in real time and can be watched on your computer, on your TV, or on the go. Using Frequency’s intelligent “tuner,” users can tune into just what they want to watch, including big media brands and niche sites, broad categories and specific subjects, video from social networks, and smart channels that learn what users like. Frequency is available today on the web, on the iPad, and on Samsung Smart TVs, with support for many more devices to come.

All Frequency consumer products are powered by Frequency’s global services platform. Developed using insights gained from its initial website-only product, which pioneered aggregation of video from social networks and around the web and has been visited by millions of users over the past year, the patent-pending Frequency global services platform has been built to support global audiences and over time to reach every important consumer video device, including tablets, smartphones, videogame consoles, television set-top boxes, and internet-connected TVs and Blu-Ray players.

Key capabilities of Frequency’s global services platform include:
- Identifying content owners’ videos embedded in the web and shared on social networks
- Capturing video metadata
- Collecting and maintaining user profiles, channel configurations, and interest information
- Adapting video content feeds to device capabilities
- Support for global-scale audiences
- APIs for publisher integration and ecosystem partnerships
- Frequency’s global services platform provides the foundation for Frequency’s consumer products, a complete solution that changes the way that people discover and watch video online.

Frequency also announced that Brightcove has become the first partner integrated directly to the Frequency global services platform. The Brightcove-Frequency API allows video publishers using the Video Cloud platform to automatically publish to Frequency, transferring metadata and enabling playback across all Frequency-supported devices, including both devices that support Flash and devices that don’t. Pre-integration with Frequency is designed to provide video publishers using Video Cloud with fast and easy access to Frequency’s expanded audience and device reach, plus Frequency’s channel-based interface that drives sustained, repeat viewing, while providing complete control over video programming, ads, and monetization. Frequency fully supports and protects content owners’ existing business rules and video advertising.

“Frequency is a powerful new way for users to find and watch online video across a range of connected devices, and an equally powerful new way for video publishers to build and sustain an engaged audience,” said Chris Johnston, director of technology partnerships at Brightcove. “We are delighted to be the first online video partner integrated directly to Frequency’s global service platform.”

“Internet video industry technology providers are important ecosystem partners for Frequency,” said Blair Harrison, CEO, Frequency Networks. “We are excited that Brightcove, a leader in online video publishing solutions, has chosen to partner with us.”

Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

January 9, 2012