Xplore Technologies is introducing the first smart docking and first wireless docking systems at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, January 10-13, 2012. They will be demonstrated at the Microsoft LINC CES Product Showcase and at Alereon’s Briefing Suites at CES, and are part of an extensive new line of rugged docking and port replicator systems being launched this month by Xplore. These new docking systems have been specifically designed to safely house Xplore’s line of iX104XC5 tablet computers in the most rugged environments.

The Xplore xDIM Pro is the first smart vehicle docking system ever designed for rugged tablet computers. The xDIM Pro uses General Purpose Input/Output to receive inputs from a variety of external devices, which enables connection to sensors to detect button presses, opened doors or windows, equipment malfunctions, etc. This replicator system also uses GPIO to output and manage a wide range of external devices, which can turn on lights, alarms, as well as control power for other external devices. Most importantly, the xDIM Pro can communicate real-time situational data to the operator and supervisor. Utilizing engineered glass filled resin for improved durability it has many key features that include 3 USB ports with one port on the side and two rear ports to allow for maximum flexibility; built-in cable retention for continuous connectivity; external antenna pass through; increased connectivity with VGA, Serial and Ethernet ports providing a wide variety of options; and GPIO to allow for input and control of external devices. It also boasts many significant features for connectivity.

The Xplore xDIM Pro Wireless is the first ever designed wireless docking system that has been purpose-built for harsh demanding environments including those with freezing temperatures and extreme heat where remote use would be preferred. Because it is wireless it eliminates power and connector issues and has grab ‘n go connectivity up to a 15-foot range. This first wireless docking system utilizes an industrial glass filled polymer body for improved durability with two rear facing USB ports, allowing maximum flexibility. The xDIM Pro Wireless also has built-in cable retention allowing continuous connectivity and power and eliminates port connector for enhanced performance in high shock and vibration situations. Furthermore, the xDIM Pro Wireless allows for dry storage in wet spray-down and freezer environments.

In addition to the two products mentioned above, Xplore is also introducing the Xplore xDIM, a third product in the xDIM line, that is made of lightweight plastic construction designed specifically for rugged use. Its input/output expansion allows for increased options and the Molex Power connecter provides power delivery and distribution.

These new products join several additional Xplore docking systems being introduced this week at CES. Additional information on the docking systems will be available at the Xplore website ( the week after CES, January 17th, 2012.

Xplore, which introduced the world’s first truly rugged tablets in 2002, develops real-world rugged products, designing them from the ground-up using input from its extensive Fortune 500 customer base so that Xplore iX104C5 computers are already made to provide optimum performance for any task assigned – regardless of where that task is going to take place. As a result, Xplore’s iX104 computers have won numerous awards and consistently rank #1 and outperform other rugged computers.

The C5 line consists of the following computers:

• iX104C5 DMSR – Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable Xtreme Tablet

• iX104C5 DM – Dual-Mode Xtreme Tablet

• iX104C5 DML – Dual-Mode Lite Xtreme Tablet

• iX104C5 M– Military Xtreme Tablet

• iX104C5 DMCR– Dual-Mode Clean Room Xtreme Tablet

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

January 9, 2012