The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), the leading non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of global communications, will demonstrate new CAPTCHA techniques for securely downloading keys in RFID devices as well as the latest access control systems for enhancing character recognizability in tablet devices at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show to be held January 10 – 13 in Las Vegas.

Both demonstrations will be on display at the IEEE ComSoc booth #35307 located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and serve as extensions of the 9th annual IEEE Consumer Communications Networking Conference (CCNC) located at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 14 – 17, 2012. Focused on helping the consumer electronics industry drive the next wave of anytime/anywhere communications, IEEE CCNC will consist of nearly 400 keynotes, panels, workshops, tutorials and special sessions designed to advance the development and deploy of technologies fostering new generations of easy-to-use, secure and stunningly interactive experiences.

As an introduction to IEEE CCNC, visitors to the IEEE ComSoc booth at CES 2012 will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest methods for securely downloading keys in RFID devices, from an Android NFC enabled mobile.

Today most electronic ticketing or physical access control systems work with Mifare components. This demonstration presented by leading researchers from Telecom ParisTech and EtherTrust will showcase “A New Keying System for RFID Lock Based on SSL Dual Interface NFC Chips and Android Mobiles.” It includes the use of a dual interface RFID running a trusted SSL/TLS stack. As a result, the keys are securely downloaded from WEB servers and afterward used by legacy Mifare systems, such as electronic locks, in order to perform HTTPS operations supervised by Android mobile phones.

In the second demo performed at the IEEE ComSoc CES booth, representatives from Venture Business Laboratory, Kyoto University and Mutech Trail Inc. will detail a new CAPTCHA technique designed to overcome the usability problems of mobile tablet devices such as smartphones, which do not use keyboards. This entails utilizing multiple noise images instead of twisted characters where invisible objects or messages are hidden. Subsequently, with this new technology objects appear when two images are overlapped at a certain position to resolve the recognizability of characters. Tablet users are then enabled to easily move images with only a finger and without the use of keyboards.

Throughout CES, visitors to the IEEE ComSoc booth will also gain valuable knowledge about the Society’s industry accomplishments and efforts to advance and promote the full range of technologies driving the implementation of next generation on-demand anytime, anywhere global networking and communications solutions.

This includes detailed information about IEEE ComSoc’s:

• Ongoing series of international conferences, educational webcasts, webinars, publications and Tutorials Now online programs developed and continually updated to strengthen the professional knowledge of individuals working within nearly every communications area related to the transfer of voice, data, image and/or video information from one location to another

• IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (IEEE WCET®) Certification Program, which was launched by IEEE ComSoc in 2008 to provide a vendor-neutral method for qualifying the real-world knowledge of individuals in areas ranging from RF engineering to network management

In addition, IEEE CCNC 2012, which will be held immediately after CES 2012, will commence on Saturday, January 14 with a full day of workshops highlighting “Consumer, eHealth Platforms, Services and Applications,” “Digital Entertainment, Networked Virtual Environments and Creative Technology,” “Digital Rights Management Impact on Consumer Communications,” “Future Multimedia Networking,” “Multimedia Communications over Emerging Networks,” “Densely Connected Networks,” “Social Networks and TV Toward Connected & Social Experiences” and “Personalized Networks.”

For the next two days, Sunday through Monday, the forum will then proceed with hundreds of technical presentations and demonstrations exploring wireless consumer communications networking, smart space and personal area networking, peer-to-peer content distribution, multimedia entertainment networking services, emerging consumer technologies and applications, and security and content protection. In addition, a full array of high-level executive business panels and special sessions will also cover the newest developments and research in areas such as affective consumer electronics computing, ecological and smart home networking, vehicular network information dissemination, 3D communications networking, smart grid communications and smart metering, automotive networking, next generation IPTV and social metering personal broadcasting.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

January 13, 2012