HiWave Technologies has announced the immediate availability of a wireless speaker module for consumer Hi-Fi applications that delivers over four months of playback from a single battery charge. It will be on display for the first time at CES 2012.

The 13W burst (26W peak) module enables OEMs to more rapidly create speakers that receive streamed audio from home cinema systems, PCs, smartphones and tablets throughout the home, without any trailing speaker and power cables.

The module will be on display, for the first time, at CES 2012. HiWave will also demonstrate the module in action, using the Bluetooth standard and a new casing design that delivers an enhanced sound with an even wider distribution angle.

The module uses HiWave’s HIAS2001-QNC-010 amplifier chip, which consumes one-20th the power of other amplifier technologies at typical listening levels (68dBC at 1m).

The complete wireless speaker system draws less than 75 milliamps at typical playback levels. Connected to single 1.2V rechargeable NiMH AA battery (3,000mAh) the speaker delivers 40 hours (600 songs, 220 albums) of playback – and over 145 hours of playback from a rechargeable size D battery (11,000mAh).

Research from the Canadian Music Industry [download pdf] states the average person listens to almost 9 hours of music from their PC, the internet and CDs each week – the equivalent of over 12 albums. This combines home, in car and at work listening; meaning a speaker running a single D, or 4 AA batteries would last between four and six months on a single battery charge cycle.

James Lewis, CEO of HiWave said: “Wireless speakers enable a user to more easily stream music throughout the home and let people position them to achieve either the best sound quality or the best aesthetics. The demand for such technology has increased as we store music on, or stream could-based music to, PCs and smartphones,”

“And, whilst it’s been possible to transmit music wirelessly for many years; amplifier chips had been too inefficient to ditch the power cable.”

The amplifier module works with all speaker types, including HiWave’s BMR flat panel drivers. By also integrating HiWave’s flat panel BMR speakers, manufacturers can deliver a wide audio frequency range with a greater fidelity, and eliminate the need for a separate tweeter.

HiWave anticipates consumer Hi-Fi quality speakers to be in shops for Q2 2012.

The company is also working with its customers and partners to create alternative wireless standards, such as WiFi speakers that can also be used with an Airplay or DLNA network.

It will be shown at HiWave’s Venetian Hotel suite, Las Vegas throughout CES, interested OEMs should contact for an appointment.


Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

December 14, 2011