Ethertronics announced that its EtherSmart LTE 1.0 Phone Adaptive Antenna Solution has been selected for Samsung’s Galaxy S II LTE SC-03D smartphone for NTT DOCOMO subscribers in Japan. EtherSmart LTE 1.0 underscores Ethertronics’ continued ability to provide innovative antenna system solutions for wireless devices, particularly in the 4G space.

The integration of Ethertronics’ EtherSmart LTE 1.0 allows for a 50 percent reduction in the antenna’s physical volume for Samsung’s Galaxy S II LTE SC-03D, without compromising performance. This is an important attribute for maintaining the smartphone’s thin form factor, while still ensuring that it maintains compliance. The EtherSmart LTE 1.0 uses Active Impedance Matching techniques, which dynamically tune the antenna system, to maintain consistently high performance by minimizing body effects.

“EtherSmart LTE 1.0 enables device vendors such as Samsung to meet the rapidly growing demand for sleek, compact LTE smartphones and tablets while ensuring that those devices can deliver the multi-megabit speeds that consumers and business users expect from LTE,” said Laurent Desclos, President and CEO at Ethertronics. “We’re honored that Samsung continues to turn to Ethertronics for advanced and innovative antenna systems that help their devices stand out in the marketplace.”

Ethertronics provides antenna systems for a variety of Samsung products, including the Galaxy S family of tablets and smartphones.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

December 5, 2011