UPM RFID and Narian Technologies have announced a strategic partnership to drive new NFC marketing, customer service and employee management for retailers and product providers utilizing UPM RFID NFC tags.

On November 30 – December 1, at the WIMA NFC USA event in the Mission Bay Conference Centre in San Francisco, UPM RFID and Narian Technologies are introducing a joint deployment of custom WIMA NFC applications and services. The partners aim to demonstrate the robustness and added value of UPM RFID and Narian NFC’s offerings: the only limitation is the imagination.

The WIMA conference-specific applications and services on show include live NFC audience-speaker interaction, booth meet-up requests and a voting system for the WIMA application competition, among others. UPM RFID and Narian are also showcasing their core retail application and services offering for numerous scenarios such as restaurants, big box retailers and supermarkets. These products and services for retailers will be available in Q1 of 2012.

US-based Narian Technologies launched their first set of NFC applications earlier this autumn, enabling retailers to take over NFC services with low start-up costs and with only a low percentage of their customers carrying NFC phones. The Narian Platform allows users to place orders, summon store employees for assistance, check product availability and use other interactive services inside the store. Apps customization to precisely match the retailer’s visual guidelines is easy: all options, sub tools, graphics and buttons can be customized, as well as process, flow, and content, with a user-friendly interactive management system.

Narian has over 300 defined NFC applications and services for 16 unique retail market segments including restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, hotels and stadia. The Narian Application is currently available on Android NFC phones, and will soon be available on all other major phone platforms. Narian Technologies has patented all of its innovations.

“NFC’s value isn’t simply about mobile payment. Particular value lies in all the secure services and applications that can be made available to enhance consumers’ lives. We believe the UPM RFID and Narian offering is of value today, with low numbers of NFC phones. Through this value, we will dramatically accelerate NFC phone usage into consumers’ hands,” says Einar Rosenberg, CEO, Narian Technologies.

“Narian Technologies has been instrumental in bringing NFC technology into retail and hospitality, providing clear benefits to both the merchants as well as the consumer, and being able to do all this in a simple and affordable way,” explains Jan Svoboda, Sales and Marketing Director, UPM RFID. “As NFC mobile devices flood the smartphone market, Narian solutions are enabling businesses and consumers to immediately take advantage of the new trend, where customers and employees have a powerful RFID/NFC reader in their hand at all times.”

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December 1, 2011