Napatech announced the availability of advanced test and measurement features for both 10G and 40G applications. These features will allow OEM vendors to build powerful network test platforms based on standard off-the-shelf servers.

“To fully test Ethernet and IP networks, it is necessary to apply traffic at different network locations at the same time to observe network behavior”, stated Erik Norup, President Napatech Inc. “The challenge is to apply these traffic loads at exactly the right time. By synchronizing the traffic generation appliances with a high precision time source, we can control exactly when traffic load is applied allowing more effective testing.”

The new Napatech feature set allows data transmission on multiple ports and adapters to be coordinated with nanosecond resolution. Triggered transmission based on time delays provides the user with highly accurate control over traffic generation. The solution takes advantage of existing Napatech time synchronization features, which allow Napatech network adapters to be time synchronized at different network locations using GPS, CDMA and IEEE1588v2/PTP protocols.

“Testing at multiple locations can be costly, but by using Napatech network adapters and standard servers, a more affordable test system can be developed that still provides powerful test functionality”, added Norup. “In addition, the availability of portable servers allows testing at many more points in the network as test systems can be quickly and easily moved to new locations.”

The coordinated and synchronized data transmission features can be used for both traffic generation and replay use cases. This allows pre-recorded data traffic to be loaded onto several test appliances before they are deployed and then replayed at exactly the right time.

“The ability to generate traffic on-the-fly or replay a specific data traffic set provides users with great flexibility in their testing scenarios”, continued Norup. “It also ensures complete control of the kind of traffic that is applied and when it is applied allowing more accurate analysis of test results”.

The coordinated and synchronized data transmission features are available on the Napatech 2x10 Gbps NT20E2, 4x10 Gbps NT40E2-4 and 1x40 Gbps NT40E2-1 network adapters for Linux, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

December 7, 2011