When Trackmatic Solutions set out to establish itself as a leading service provider in the highly competitive fleet management market, it chose Kaazing as an integral part of its cutting edge technology software system. Today, Trackmatic is the only company in South Africa that can keep track of commercial fleets over the web in REAL TIME with updates pushed to client browsers in seconds. This is critical in a country where it is imperative to know where vehicles are without any delays.

“As a new entrant into the fleet management market, we realized that we need to leverage new technologies to bring the latest tracking technology and management systems to our clients,” said David Slotow, Managing Director of Trackmatic Solutions. “We wanted to enable our customers to monitor, manage and control their fleet – all in real-time, over the Web. Kaazing is the only technology that enabled us to do that, securely and reliably.”

Trackmatic uses the process of Telemetry to record and analyze vehicle data using proprietary GPRS hardware fitted covertly in each vehicle. Masses of data is processed and analyzed in the context of pre-defined, customized (or user-specific) business rules and logic for decision making based on exceptions in a matter of seconds. The whereabouts of vehicles under management can be monitored, as they move, through Trackmatic’s easy-to-use Web-based vehicle management system of which Kaazing’s WebSocket Gateway forms an integral part. This provides a means of identifying and flagging deviations from the expected as they happen. Delivering real-time analysis and notification is what sets Trackmatic Solutions apart from its competition. [For more information about the Kaazing platform, see].

According to Trackmatic, the legacy technology that constrains its competitors is expensive and complex to deploy and manage. Furthermore, it inhibits them from introducing new, innovative services quickly. Trackmatic, on the other hand, is leveraging HTML5 WebSocket, a new standard which Kaazing’s co-founders helped to create. By using the Kaazing Platform, Trackmatic is able to process massive amounts of data, and distribute it instantly to the user in real-time. This would not have been possible with legacy Web architecture.

“Fleet monitoring and management is an example of a Living Web application that requires security, speed, and immediate information and communications,” said Jonas Jacobi, co-founder and CEO of Kaazing. “We are very pleased that we have been able to help Trackmatic Solutions build a unique and innovative new company and clearly differentiate itself over its competition.”

Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

December 13, 2011