Jointly developed by GE Healthcare and Ascom, the GE Ascom Solution is a wireless hospital-wide messaging system designed to improve workflow and communication for healthcare providers. The Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG) provides an interface between GE Healthcare CARESCAPE™ Network and Ascom Unite Professional Messaging and Alarm Application. It enables hospitals to customize, filter and send secondary alarms to inform healthcare professionals of particular medical related events captured by the GE Healthcare CARESCAPE Network. The alarm is forwarded to Ascom handsets or a wide variety of devices, including pagers, mobile handsets and/or LED signs.

"Ascom and GE Healthcare have worked together over the past year to ensure that the end-to-end solution satisfies the requirements within the hospital environment," says Dahn Jubell, Director of Direct Sales Channels for Ascom Wireless Solutions. "This effort has produced a significant wireless messaging solution with patient safety and increased efficiency focus and marks Ascom's continued commitment to the hospital and healthcare market."

"By providing easy access to quality patient information from any networked device-wireless, desktop or bedside-GE Healthcare is providing clinicians with valuable productivity gains and the unique opportunity to act earlier in the care process to preserve and help improve patient care", adds Jubell.

"The clearance of the MMG paves the way for sales of the GE Ascom Solution within the EU," says Jose Herraez, General Manager Monitoring Solutions EMEA, GE Healthcare.

"The GE Healthcare and Ascom Wireless Solution is part of a hospital-wide wireless messaging system, to improve workflow and communication for healthcare providers", adds Herraez.

Additional information about the CARESCAPE portfolio and GE Healthcare's approach to patient monitoring can be viewed at Additional information about the Ascom portfolio can be viewed at

Ascom Wireless Solutions ( is a leading provider of on-site wireless communications for key segments such as hospitals, elderly care, independent living, manufacturing industries, prisons, retail and hotels. More than 75,000 systems are installed at major companies all over the world. The company offers a broad range of voice and professional messaging solutions, creating value for customers by supporting and optimizing their Mission-Critical processes. The solutions are based on VoWiFi, IP-DECT, nurse call and paging technologies, smartly integrated into existing enterprise systems. The company has subsidiaries in 10 countries and 1,200 employees worldwide. Founded in 1955 and based in Göteborg, Sweden, Ascom Wireless Solutions is part of the Ascom Group, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT