Kardex Remstar dynamic storage solutions will be on display at Modex 2012 in Atlanta, GA February 6 – 9 in booth #2914. Kardex Remstar boasts a wide product offering including vertical lift modules, horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, mobile shelving and integrated software. From receiving to order processing and pick accuracy to replenishment and cycle counting Kardex Remstar provides complete solutions that improve productivity, save floor space and increase accuracy.

All Kardex Remstar solutions are designed on the goods to person principle. Bringing the goods to the worker increases worker efficiency and picking productivity. Eliminating wasted walk and search time commonly associated with standard picking and distribution applications, dynamic storage systems can increase productivity up to 2/3.

Utilizing vertical storage space from floor to truss, dynamic storage systems can reduce floor space requirements by up to 85%. Squeezing wasted space out of standard shelving increases storage density within the space and allows organizations to store more product while using less floor space.

All Kardex Remstar solutions can be integrated with pick to light technology to increase pick accuracy up to 99.9%. QuickPick pick to light technology pinpoints the exact location of the part to pick and displays the quantity to pick along with the part number and description. 

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

November 23, 2011