A new hosted business email app has launched that enables small businesses to access messages and diary appointments at the touch of a button. MailQuatro, a dedicated web-based email provider, has now released MailQuatro Mobile and MailQuatro Calendar, to provide even faster access to its easy-to-use, hosted business email solution.

“MailQuatro is specifically designed to save precious time for busy small and sole business users,” says the firm’s founder and CEO, Philippos Nikiforou. “The system automatically organises emails by contact - which means no need for fiddly sub-folders or searching about for emails. Now, the launch of the Mobile and Calendar services will make it easier than ever to keep track of appointments and find messages, files and photos quickly and easily when out and about.”

The MailQuatro service gives small businesses and start-ups the functionality and accessibility they need in an email solution, better enabling them to manage their emails over the internet in a professional way. The MailQuatro system - which is currently being used by over 50,000 businesses worldwide - can be accessed any time from any computer with an internet connection, making it easier for professionals to access emails away from the office and react quickly to potential customers and new business enquiries.

MailQuatro also contains robust security filters to eliminate annoying spam and potentially damaging viruses. In addition, its 10-year archive and auditing capacity makes it easy to save and store emails, with the ability to restore any deleted email by any user – even if the message was erased years ago.

The easy-to-use MailQuatro service is free and can also be used to collate messages from work and hosted email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. To try it, simply visit and click the red button labelled ‘FREE. Get started here.’

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

November 14, 2011