E Ink Holdings, a leader in electronic paper display technologies, announced that the company has been recognised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) with an Innovation Award for Electronics. E Ink was recognised in the Innovation Awards for the company's Pearl display. Sriram K. Peruvemba is shown here accepting the award for the company.

"These awards are a great way to showcase some fantastic innovations taking place in engineering and technology worldwide," said Professor Mike Short, president of the IET. "The winners this year come from a wide variety of backgrounds and many have aimed to solve issues that impact our society; from saving lives to helping deliver a brighter and greener future. The IET Innovation awards offered are an important annual landmark for the IET, illustrating some of the latest and best ideas and designs that align with our core vision of advancing knowledge to enhance and improve people's lives."

"E Ink Pearl is a next generation display technology and the adoption of Pearl has contributed significantly to E Ink capturing over 90% share of the eReader market," said Sriram Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer at E Ink. "We are very honoured that Pearl has been recognised with this prestigious award."

With Pearl, E Ink expands the capabilities of reflective displays, bringing electronic paper performance to the next level. With the whitest reflective displays in the industry and a contrast ratio now approximately 50% greater than its predecessors, text on Pearl "pops" from the page, enabling a reading experience most similar to reading text on printed paper. Reading is also faster and more natural, as consumers can turn pages in a fraction of the previous rate.

In naming E Ink the winner of the Electronics category, the judging panel commented, "E ink provides the best digital reading experience. It expands the performance of reflective displays and brings electronic paper performance to the next level, to move from eBooks to eNewspapers and eMagazines. It is already used widely, including in the Amazon Kindle, and is well-suited for a range of devices, such as room thermostats, wireless devices and health and fitness displays."

The 2011 IET Innovation Awards provide industry innovators around the globe with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their imagination and recognise the depth and breadth of innovative work being carried out across all areas of engineering and technology. This year's awards attracted record 420 entries.

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