Corelis announced ScanExpress JET support for AMD embedded processors. Supported AMD processor families include Turion II Neo, Athlon II Neo, Opteron  4100, and Opteron Quad-Core (socket Fr5). These processors represent high-performance, low power processing for edge-of-enterprise markets including storage and telecommunications, as well as more traditional embedded markets such as security and medical imaging, military systems, and single-board computing.

ScanExpress JET is the industry’s preferred solution for automated at-speed, non-intrusive functional testing. With ScanExpress JET, JTAG supported CPUs provide the centerpiece for printed circuit board testability, enabling an extension of test coverage typically not available through other methods. The major benefits of using ScanExpress JET for AMD embedded processors include: 

-Standardized tests for SDRAM memory, SPI Flash, I2C, and UART
-HyperTransport link validation
-Peripheral detection on PCI & PCIe buses
-Fully automatic test development for all supported peripherals
-No boot code requirement for test execution

“Requirements for embedded test techniques continue to grow due to increasing signal speeds and lack of test point access, exceeding the capabilities of traditional bed-of-nails test methods,” cites Ryan Jones, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis. “ScanExpress JET now delivers a commercially off-the-shelf embedded test solution specifically targeted towards designers, developers, and production test personnel employing leading-edge AMD technology.”

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor