In a city becoming known for its entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, New Orleans is now home to a new game-changing company providing wireless low cost broadband services- Wire Fly Communications, L.L.C. Business owners and residents will now benefit from this groundbreaking technology ranging from managed data services offering point-to-point or point-to-multi-point broadband solutions. Wire Fly Communications can now offer a variety of services to businesses in the New Orleans Central Business District and surrounding areas.

Recent partnership with a local Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) allows the company to offer everything from
data packages to VOIP phones to fax services at very aggressive rates.

Darin Veale native of Metairie, LA, met Stephen Hall, President/Owner, over a year ago in Charlotte, NC during a service
call at Darin’s apartment. The two hit it off and quickly became friends after discovering their mutual love for New
Orleans. “After meeting Stephen and discovering our mutual love of the city, we realized the need for high-speed wireless broadband and that New Orleans lacked an up to date solution. So we put our heads together and developed a business model to service high-density apartment/condo communities as well as commercial businesses. Wire Fly has given me the opportunity to expand my entrepreneurial spirit and allow a sense of satisfaction in being able to bring business back to New Orleans.”

“Our backbone is a 4G WiMax deployment on top the tallest building in the city. It offers line-of-site technology and, with the level terrain of New Orleans, it offers a more efficient and clear signal. Essentially, if you can see it (One Shell
Square), you can get it. We help property owners and managers offer a 21st century amenity at no upfront cost to highdensity residential accounts. Everyone should have affordable Internet service but traditionally it’s looked at as a luxury.

We install a 6-inch subscriber unit on top of the building, which harnesses the back-hauls the bandwidth signal from Place St. Charles. From there, we use the precise amount of access points to provide the entire complex with fast and reliable wireless Internet.”

Because Wire Fly owns all of their own bandwidth and has less overhead that the larger companies, they are able to
provide a better Internet experience at a lower cost. They have the ability to adjust bandwidth usage from individual
properties, pushing more bandwidth out during peak usage hours. “Our frequencies are individually licensed with the
FCC. This Federally licensed frequency is exclusive to Wire Fly so connection speed is maximized and interference is
minimal to none.”

Wire Fly Communications, LLC provides apartment residents and property managers with innovative and cost effective
broadband solutions, ranging from simple installation to Wi-Fi (wireless high-speed internet) communities. For developers of these communities to outsource managed services for robust broadband data networks, this service provides more revenue and flexibility to a development project. Wire Fly can create wireless communities for apartments, condos, townhome complexes or multi-office developments with the ability to offer their own Internet and Wi-Fi services. For the price of a multi-channel service, Wire Fly can double and triple the bandwidth of traditional service for no additional cost, resulting in faster uploads and downloads, providing developers with an additional stream of revenue.

Located at The IP Building downtown, Wire Fly is among a plethora of entrepreneurs that are bringing a vast amount of
great ideas to New Orleans. Wire Fly believes they have one of those ideas. Wire Fly has installed equipment on top of
Place St. Charles in order to conveniently service the Greater New Orleans area with a new cost effective Internet
solution. This installation provides top grade Level 3 bandwidth offering reliable service at fractions of the cost with
wireless broadband signal strength typically 3 times faster than the local provider. 

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Associate Editor