Spot LLC announced its SPOT Connect(TM) App is now available to international Customers on the App Store. The recent availability is a result of an update to the SPOT Connect App. The SPOT Connect App pairs iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with SPOT Connect, a revolutionary satellite communications device, that allows users to transmit messages via satellite from virtually anywhere in the world.

The SPOT Connect device provides connectivity to the Globalstar satellite network for sending location-based messages from areas beyond cellular phone coverage. The app sets up a direct Bluetooth wireless connection between the user's iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and the SPOT Connect device, to send custom messages from remote locations as well
as notify an international emergency rescue coordination centre if needed.

"Today's announcement demonstrates our continued commitment to provide mobile satellite communication solutions to consumers, industry and business customers around the world," said Steve Smits, Vice President of International Sales and Marketing, Spot LLC and Globalstar, Inc.

"The release of our new feature-rich SPOT Connect App enables global iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to remain connected virtually anywhere around the world and independent of cell coverage when paired with the hand-held SPOT Connect device."

SPOT Connect utilizes proven SPOT technology to notify others of one's GPS location coordinates and current status. By sending a message to the Globalstar satellite network, the user's selected contacts will receive a custom 'Type' and 'Send' or 'Predefined' message delivered as an SMS text message or email. SPOT Connect messages contain the user's latitude and longitude, date, time stamp and a link to Google Maps.

Established SPOT message features include 'Check-in/OK,' 'Help,' 'SPOT Assist,' 'SOS' and automated 'Track Progress.'

Custom messages can be composed and sent from the field, and users can store up to 14 predefined messages and 10 personal contact groups consisting of up to 50 contacts each. Additionally, the SPOT Connect App enables iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to act as a satellite messenger utilizing SPOT Connect's onboard GPS and satellite transmitter. Users
can even send location-based messages to Facebook and Twitter and SPOT Adventures from isolated regions like the mountains or off-shore.


SPOT Connect satellite coverage includes the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia Northern and Central Africa, portions of South America and North-Eastern Asia and hundreds or thousands of miles offshore of these areas.

Pricing and Product Availability

The SPOT Connect App is available for free from The App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or at Please check The App Store for country availability.

In order to use the SPOT Connect App, a registered SPOT Connect device is required. The SPOT Connect device retails for $169.99 USD MSRP and requires an annual SPOT Basic Service subscription. For other international market pricing and availability visit

SPOT Connect is currently available at retail locations and online sites specializing in GPS, outdoor recreation and personal electronics.

SPOT Connect is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation), iPad and iPad 2.

Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Associate Editor