Elliptic Technologies announced that it has expanded its DTCP-IP content protection offering to include support for the widely adopted Android OS used in a myriad of consumer devices, including DLNA enabled smartphones and tablets.

Google’s Android mobile OS has become the most popular platform for smartphones. The growth surge for the Android-based mobile phone applications market is expected to continue in the coming years with application downloads expected to reach $14 billion by 2016 in the Asia Pacific area alone, according to a new research from Ovum. This surge in popularity also makes Android devices more enticing as targets for hackers. Providing real and proven security solutions for mobile devices is now more important than ever.

The Elliptic DTCP-IP Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a complete and robust security solution that fits perfectly in Android embedded systems and runs efficiently in limited resource environments. It can be implemented within frameworks such as ARM TrustZone™, where security critical components are embedded and executed in trusted environments and non-critical components are executed by the host OS, such as Android. With the Elliptic DTCP-IP SDK, trusted tasks like device authentication and content decryption run in secure mode, limiting attacks on private keys and content, while non-critical tasks such as application management are controlled by the host OS.

“Elliptic has been a leading provider of robust content protection solutions and was the first semiconductor IP licensee to embrace DTLA, the organization responsible for licensing DTCP technology,” commented Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. “We are very proud to continue to bring highly integrated security solutions to the market to be used in mobile consumer devices such as Android smartphones and tablets”.

The Elliptic DTCP-IP SDK is based on the latest DTCP specifications and supports all four layers of protection: copy control information, device authentication and key exchange, content encryption and system renewability. The solution integrates seamlessly on Android platforms and it includes sample Java-based transmitter, receiver and key management applications with JNI abstraction layer to the SDK.

The technical demands of the digital home and the need to deliver rich audio and video content will continue to increase dramatically in the coming years. DTCP-IP is a key link protection security technology designed to protect high-value digital content against theft while it is moved between home entertainment devices. At the same time, it allows users to experience high-quality audio and video content not only on HDTVs, PCs and laptops, but also on wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Elliptic offers proven security solutions spanning silicon cores to embedded software, which help facilitate the adoption of the DTCP-IP technology. These highly-integrated solutions enable SoC suppliers, embedded system manufacturers and network operators to shorten their time to market and allow them to safely distribute high-value digital content to consumer electronic products.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Associate Editor