Cybercom welcomes the open source driven ecosystem for smart devices, Tizen, by Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation. Cybercom will offer development services related to the Tizen ecosystem.

“We were happy to see the announcement about Tizen that the Linux Foundation and LIMO are developing together. This will open up for new business opportunities for mobile carriers, device manufacturers and service providers”, says Petteri Puhakka, CEO of Cybercom.

Cybercom is going to offer its whole service portfolio for the Tizen ecosystem.

Together with the companies Digia, EB (Elektrobit), Ixonos, Nomovok and TDI, Cybercom supports this open source project that will help provide great business opportunities for Nordic software companies with global reach. The goal is to make existing competences and solutions available to mobile operators, wireless carriers and device manufacturers.

“Cybercom earlier been very active in the MeeGo area - Linux-based OS built for the next-generation of computing devices - and now we believe that Tizen is going to be the leading open source platform in the mobile sector as well as in home electronics and automotive”, says Petteri Puhakka.

The group of Nordic Systems Integrators supporting Tizen have jointly over 4500 engineers, with the capability to deliver turnkey solutions, including white-label mobile devices, applications and services to customers in the telecom sector, Cybercom has been a member of Linux Foundation since the beginning of 2011.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Associate Editor