FlatpackPower Sources Unlimited announces the Eltek Valere Flatpack2 HE Series of high efficiency rectifiers.

The combination of innovative design, efficiency and reliability makes the Flatpack2 HE rectifier a key component in your network. With conversion efficiency up to 96.5%, the amount of wasted energy has been reduced by 50% compared to the current industry standard. Over 150,000 Flatpack2 HE modules have shipped to date, making it the most commonly used high efficiency rectifier in the world!

The introduction of the Flatpack2 HE rectifier has significantly impacted the environmental effort to lower the power consumption of global telecommunications operations as well as the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Additionally, because less energy is wasted, the Flatpack2 HE rectifier also reduces operational costs with its reduction in wasted energy and lower heat generation.

The Flatpack2 HE Series of High Efficiency Rectifiers are capable of delivering 24VDC@75A, 48VDC@40Amps and 48VDC@60Amps. AC input voltage range of 85-300VAC. The units are 1U and have horizontal airflow and are Hot - Swappable Flatpack 2 HE rectifiers are used in EltekValere DC Power Systems : Trilogy, Modular and Flatpack2 Wall Box with power ranges from 2kW to 192kW.

All Models are CE, UL and NEBS Certified.

Deliveries range from stock to 6-8 weeks. Units are competitively priced in the upper $500's in OEM quantities.

Download full specifications and procure parts online at