F5 Networks announced that Telefónica Spain has implemented F5 solutions as a key part of a project aimed at achieving greater mobile data traffic management flexibility and reduced time-to-market for new service offerings. The F5 Service Delivery Networking (SDN) platform has helped Telefónica Spain introduce a simpler, more available technology architecture and generate cost efficiencies through infrastructure streamlining.

Telefónica Spain undertook this flagship project in order to facilitate access to applications as part of its broadband mobile device service offering. To deliver against projected customer demand, putting in place long-term infrastructure scalability was a vital component of the plan.

VIPRION, F5’s carrier-class application delivery hardware, was the platform selected as the project’s cornerstone. VIPRION sits as a strategic point of control for data traffic via mobile devices, connected to both the data access network and the different technologies for controlling, optimising and filtering information that make up Telefónica Spain’s mobile service architecture. The project’s new architecture design uses VIPRION to bypass mobile data traffic, routing it directly to the network when no value can be added via other platforms. In this way, savings are made on licensing costs and the customer experience also improves.

José González Díaz, Director of Services and Systems Integration at Telefónica, says, "F5 has helped us reduce mobile internet data gateway-related costs with a scalable solution that adjusts perfectly to our navigation architecture. We will continue to explore the capabilities of F5 products in this and other fields.”

“VIPRION’s multiple blade architecture and “zero disruption” chassis is ideal for achieving the scalability required by service providers to deal with massive increases in data traffic,” says Miguel Salgado, Managing Director, Spain, at F5 Networks. “The flexibility of F5’s SDN platform means service providers can respond rapidly to market movements, enabling differentiated service offerings to be developed and released very quickly.”

VIPRION enables customers to:
• Support Users with Industry-Leading Performance and Availability
With F5’s Clustered Multiprocessing technology, VIPRION performance blades work together to form a virtual processing fabric, utilising all available CPU resources to more efficiently meet users' application delivery demands.

• Achieve Scale and Growth Needs
With VIPRION, organisations can better manage large volumes of traffic and provide additional capacity when needed. Because additional performance blades can be added on-demand, organizations can augment their infrastructures to deal with seasonal or unexpected traffic spikes with ease—and without downtime.

• Consolidate Infrastructure to Save on OpEx and CapEx
The VIPRION platform's ability to combine and customise disparate application services makes it an ideal solution for organisations looking to consolidate their application delivery infrastructures to reduce power, space, and cooling costs in the data centre.

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