AT4 wireless announced the official offering of PTCRB certification testing services for LTE devices in three key locations Taiwan , USA and Spain .

With the effective date of June 23rd, AT4 wireless laboratories in Taiwan and Virginia (USA) were approved as an E-UTRA qualified laboratory by PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board). AT4 wireless Spanish laboratory already got it last March 2011. The acceptance by the PTCRB certification body allows AT4 wireless to enhance the testing portfolio by adding this new technology to the current and extensive range of testing services for the wireless communications industry.

This new E-UTRA LTE qualification enables AT4 wireless to provide release 8 conformance testing to manufacturers with products having any of the enabled FDD bands 4, 12, 13 and 17. These bands are strategic to product and mobile device suppliers entering the North American wireless markets.

AT4 wireless is currently offering LTE, 2G, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, NFC and other certification testing services to its clientele. The LTE milestone demonstrates continued growth of the AT4 wireless test portfolio allowing the AT4 laboratories to offer a “one-stop shopping centre” for the wireless mobile communications industry.

Carlos Batles, Laboratory Manager at AT4 wireless, Inc. Taiwan, said “ obtaining PTCRB LTE accreditation in our Taiwanese Laboratory is a great achievement, our Taiwanese and APAC customer can now test with us in Asia, saving them time and costs. Our Taiwan is growing and we are working to become one of the leading LTE labs in APAC, with large capacity to help our customers to reach the market, in fact, a number of key players in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China, mainly are already trusting our services”.

“We have a strong commitment with Taiwan and APAC where we expect to grow in the coming years with our technology, experience and resources and also with the support and cooperation with local partners in the APAC region, covering LTE testing in Europe, US and APAC is key for our global customers; AT4 wireless is taking a leading position in new technologies as LTE and NFC”; said Fernando E. Hardasmal, AT4 wireless CEO.

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